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The management of the logistics chain at SeVeal can be divided into two parts: upstream on one hand and downstream on the other hand.?For the upstream part, SeVeal Procurement Department has for mission to order and get products into our platforms while respecting, number 1 priority, regulatory thresholds and by doing so according to the needs or early purchases as made by buyers.

The second step concerns the exploitation. Platforms are warned of delivery dates and the nature of products with the information required for relevant processing. Once goods have been taken and checked, traceability is processed before placing them in storage. At downstream level, the customer department accepts all the order intake via a system of filters set up by SeVeal and validates (or not) the orders in order to plan for deliveries. This validated order book is then integrated into a delivery system for optimizing delivery tours with information given to customers on dates and times of delivery. From then, orders get prepared on the three platforms. As the Operating Director for phytosanitary and seeds activities underlines: « Everything works thanks to an integrated information system, with a follow-up at each step of order states. The Quality Department ensures the regulatory watch of installations classified for the environment and also the regulatory watch for all items database (hazardous products and materials) ».


SeVeal also offers provisions of services for third parties with an offer for storage (classified and non-classified materials) and distribution (order processing, appointments taken with customers, delivery and optimized delivery tours), while complying with the severest standards which apply for Ludres, La Veuve (high Seveso directive) and Maizières-la-Grande-Paroisse (low Seveso directive) platforms. The carriers SeVeal have chosen to work with all bear the status “transportation of hazardous materials”.

Another major asset is highlighted by the Operating Director for phytosanitary and seeds activities underlines, in this approach of services as compared with competitors: « The triple certification Iso 9001, Iso 14 001 and Iso 18001, but we also have anomalies management tools which offer reactivity in the event of malfunction and enable us to implement tailormade action plans! »
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