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Amélie Cayet Piquet
Health&Safety Manager
  03 26 69 47 80


Safety is a real priority!

SeVeal can count on 4 sites: Reims where the head office is located with three storage platforms and two distribution ones including two platforms classified Seveso high threshold (Ludres and La Veuve) and one classified Seveso low threshold (Maizières-La-Grande-Paroisse). Nothing surprising that the safety approach reveals essential!
The administrative classification Seveso High and Low of the sites implies some constraints which become formal via a Safety Management System. In this system we can find a referential with procedures, operating modes, recordings (companies coming on the sites, training courses performed). This allows the body in charge of controlling industries (DREAL) to check what has been done. Naturally some safety instructions arise from the Safety Management System.

As regards platforms security, they are equipped with intrusion detection systems so as to prevent any risk of malicious act. The three platforms are also equipped with fire detection systems and for Ludres and La Veuve units there are automatic extinction systems with foam. Maizières platform also has a response system adapted in case of fire outbreak.

Safety is everyone’s concern but three people work in the QSHE department and coordinate the various actions as regards safety and industrial environment.
The Management is fully implied in the safety management since at least once a year a management review presents the summary of the past year (actions taken in safety, training, investments, highlights) and talks about perspectives for the coming year.

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