Tools and industrial Partnerships

Plant health products and hybrid seeds

SeVeal manages the storage of these products at three platforms:

  • - Ludres and La Veuve, classified Seveso high threshold
  • - Maizières la Grande Paroisse, SEVESO low threshold

These platforms are complemented by about 175 stores spread among its partners.

SeVeal also offers benefits service for others with an offer storage (substances classified and unclassified)


SeVeal works with multiple vendors with whom relations are more or less close. This proximity may even be in capital order among our industry partners and for all or part. This is the case of Sicam Aube and Scel Reims who SeVeal purchases substantially all of their fabrications. These two units produce liquid nitrogen fertilizers.

SeVeal can also rely on its plant in Berry-au-Bac it owns 100%. The plant at the heart of its operational area meets the needs of near SeVeal and optimizes logistics with quality fertilizer.

Outils et partenariats industriels
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