Regulatory watch, training, audit

Nothing is overlooked!

Due to the very nature of the products packed, stored and transported by SeVeal, some rules are part of the daily life of the company.

Veille réglementaire, formation, audit

A regulatory watch follows the life of the products delivered by SeVeal:
« We manage the item base, i.e any creation of article (*) is managed by us. Then we provide a permanent follow-up of the product. This regulatory watch includes everything linked to the product life as regards regulations, at uses level, for products stops and relabeling. When it comes into the market, a product can change in its use until it disappears from the market for many reasons, which may be linked to the supplier’s decision or a regulatory decision. Regulatory watch covers the notions of use, storage and transport. Concretely these become particular information for our customers and partners. »
Health & Safety (QSHE) Manager, Amélie PIQUET adds that a more general regulatory watch is usually applied for the subject « health and safety at work and environment » with the modifications in the regulatory texts and the new constraints related to them.

Concerning training, SeVeal deploys a very high budget on safety training. This includes in particular regular knowledge updates for workplace first-aiders and more largely for the whole staff so as to get optimal safety conditions.

For audits, the Safety Management System requires annual audits but it is mainly our recent certification Quality-Safety- Environment which goes with annual internal audits. These are carried out by in-site auditors.
SeVeal is also capable to audit the stores of their customers and to support them for setting up files.

(*) An item is a product, but since several packaging types are possible, a product can be declined into several items.

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