Customer Department

The customer department, an essential part of SeVeal logistics

It’s a real interface between the Procurement department and the Transport department for the part Delivery to farmers, the Customer department is also a key relay between the stores and the three platforms of the group.

Composed with a team of six people, the Customer department of SeVeal installed on La Veuve platform meets various missions that Michaël Jaugey, the Manager, tries to define as such: « Our objective is to analyze all the requests coming from the group stores or which come within crop deliveries. Then we process these requests and validate them in order to put at disposal the products for those who ordered them. In the meantime, we also provide services for two cooperatives, namely CAL in Nancy and EMC2 in Verdun ». The 190 stores concerned are spread into ten counties (02, 08, 10, 25, 39, 51, 52, 55, 77, 88). The activity is shared equally between the processing of stores requests and crop deliveries, however with specificity for the activity crop delivery, since the latter is concentrated on a short period running from December to March. In total, 35, 000 tonnes are dispatched under 1500 references (health plant products and hybrid seeds) which are analyzed, processed and validated by the department.?

Well targeted-tasks

The activity linked to stores involves the department all the rest of the year. To do so, three members of the team are each responsible for a platform (Ludres, Maizières, la Veuve). Relations are made directly with the stores with daily request processing. A person of the department deals with managing the takeovers of stores (likely re-labelling of products) and shares their knowledge in agronomy with the other members of the team. A person on field also allows us to bring even more efficient answers. The department also ensures an activity of services for Vivescia in the field called « string -hardware» with the whole logistics management.??The activities of service are also larger with a permanent view of improvement: optimisation of stores stocks without altering the service provided with a slow turnover; assistance for procurement requests of stores with, since October, a traceability of products ensured by tablets. The strengthening of relationships with the other services thanks to a representative also wishes to further improve the answers brought to partners.

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