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Agronomy, the key entry of a product

As regards plant health, before looking at the purchasing function now ensured by Agrihub, a product must first be referenced on solid agronomic bases. « The key entry of a product is agronomy », the purchase manager for plant health products and hybrid seeds, notes. He also adds: « One of our first missions is to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction and of course the continuation of our distribution trade both for Seveal and their partners. We have to bring a real added value to our customers’ profit and ensure the best performance for the farmer who is the end-user. »

Agronomy enables us to build a range shared by all in a relevant way, whose objective is to answer needs in compliance with expectations from end-users. The objective is to offer farmers, thanks to relevant agronomic analyses, the best technical answer capable to generate a maximum production at the best cost.

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