Order book management

A high precision job !

The management of the order book needs to be as precise as possible. This is why SeVeal works in close relations with their partners and customers, so that before each campaign, it may be possible to have an overall discussion with an agronomic step to position products’ efficiency and technical solutions. This analysis of products’ efficiency whether old or new ones, is the base to make choices which will answer the needs and expectations expressed by farmers and relayed by partners and customers alike.

It is also necessary to integrate the evolutions of crop rotations in the finest way. ?This is a huge work of precision where the margin of error must be the least.
We also have to take into account soil-climate conditions with variations which can reveal quite important from one territory to another since SeVeal is present in the whole North-East area.

The product catalogue is established after these bases. Then it is the responsibility of SeVeal experts to focus on or enlarge the scope of offers to adjust them according to realities on the ground.

For fertilizers, we rather talk of procurement plans. Partners upstream of the campaign (March-April) work on a twelve-month storage plan. This plan is established site by site and then a global procurement plan follows. The latter is set in April for the period going from May to April next with quantities established month by month and product by product. This plan can be reviewed each month because each partner adds data from the marker and is adjusted according a possible fall or rise in prices. Once the monthly review has been achieved between the partner and buyer, SeVeal starts its role for purchasing and the logistics for supplying fertilizers between the manufacturer or the port site and the partner’s silo or the partner’s customer.

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