Priority to securing supplies of mineral fertilizers!

SeVeal is a mineral fertilizer purchasing center.

Partners express their needs, share and plan. SeVeal in turn consolidates all then negotiates, buys and ensures the availability of nearly 800,000 tonnes of mineral fertilizers per year. As the Head of fertilizer market highlights:
"We take a process of massification, planning, organization, but also management of logistics, in this case optimized."

However, our priority is the security of supply:
"the right product at the right time and at the best price that is our challenge"

The period of use of nitrogen fertilizers focuses on six weeks; "it is unrealistic to imagine a supply needs over the last few months before the spraying"

Tools and industrial's partnerships

SeVeal works with multiple vendors with whom relations are more or less close. This proximity may even be in capital order among our industry partners and for all or part. This is the case of Sicam Aube and Scel Reims who SeVeal purchases substantially all of their fabrications. These two units produce liquid nitrogen fertilizers.

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