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Central purchasing

A suppletive central purchasing unit to improve performances in purchasing and create long-lasting value for farmers

As regards trade negotiation, SeVeal leans on Agrihub, a central purchasing unit which gathers four clusters in France: SeVeal, Catelys in Pays-de-Loire-Brittany, Caliance in Brittany and Euralis in the South-West. These four entities have chosen to gather to transfer their purchasing and indexing missions within a single company.
Agrihub is in charge of negotiating plant health products, hybrid seeds, micro-nutrients, together with equipment products (strings, nets and plastic films).

Agrihub plays the role of a buying agent for these 4 areas of activity. Therefore they pay their suppliers and charge back the products to the four entities mentioned before.
Concerning the field of mineral fertilizers, Agrihub plays the role of a purchasing agent. For this activity area, we mainly follow a policy of global procurement and negotiation of framework contracts to deal in the best way thanks to significant market shares. This policy enables us to make offers in view of the significant market shares that the clusters represent.

Safeguarding supplies, purchasing performance, innovation in the relation with suppliers… Agrihub can lean on these three pillars to contribute to the creation of value in the distribution chain and to satisfy their customers - partner cooperatives and farmers.

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