Board of Directors (SeVeal Union)

The entity SeVeal Union is a union of cooperatives chaired by Jean-Marc Longuet in which there are three member cooperatives, namely VIVESCIA, Acolyance, the union and the Novagrain Wholesalers Sepac, Compas, Compagri and Acolyance Vigne.

    Jean-Marc Longuet


  • SCA VIVESCIA Represented by Christoph BÜREN (Deputy Emmanuel VEILLART)
  • COMPAS SAS Represented by Louis JAILLANT (Deputy Philippe BONVALLET)
  • SAS SEPAC-COMPAGRI Represented by Jean-Marc LONGUET (Deputy Richard BOURBON)
  • SCA CERESIA Represented by Antoine HACARD (Deputy Jean-Luc LATRAYE)
  • ACOLYANCE VIGNE Represented by Philippe SECONDE (Deputy Pascal BAILLEUL)
  • UCA NOVAGRAIN Represented by Jean-Paul VINOT (Deputy Benoît PIETREMENT)

Supervisory Board (SeVeal SA)

The limited company is composed of an Executive Board chaired by Jean-Luc Jonet and a Supervisory Board whose Chairman is Jean-Marc Longuet. In the Executive Board there are representatives from VIVESCIA, Acolyance and EMC2.

    Jean-Marc Longuet

    Member of the Supervisory Board

  • SCA VIVESCIA Represented by Christophe BÜREN
    – Philippe BONVALLET
    – Richard BOURBON
  • SCA AFILYANCE Represented by Antoine HACARD
    – Philippe SECONDE
    – Jean-Luc LATRAYE
  • SCA EMC2 Represented by Thierry ROGE
    – Christian JAUNEL
    – Sébastien RIOTTOT

    Jean-Luc Jonet

    Membres du directoire

  • SCA VIVESCIA Représentée par Jean-Luc Jonet
  • SCA ACOLYANCE Représentée par Pascal BAILLEUL
  • SCA EMC2 Représentée par René BARTOLI
  • SEVEAL Représentée par Didier LEGENTIL

Defines the strategic priorities of the company. Valid conducting operations

Executive Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of 4 members. These experts in various fields are operational actors. They implement the strategy of the company in accordance with the axes defined and shared with the Executive Board.
Manages the operations. Implements the strategy
General director :
Responsable Administratif et Financier
Directeur Marché engrais
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