SeVeal a dual organization

SeVeal has a dual governance with a limited liability company on one hand and a cooperative union on the other hand.


SeVeal SA essentially a mission of service. It provides logistics response (reception, storage, delivery), administrative (accounting, controlling, treasury), technical (agronomy), but also a regulatory study mission: case by case on your needs, with the knowledge make SeVeal.

The Union SeVeal fulfills a mission of buying and marketing with cooperatives and associated Wholesalers. It also aims to bring all stocks of plant health products and hybrid seeds for its content partners.

Brand Multi Appros

The Union SeVeal also has other retail customers , cooperatives and Wholesalers, through selling colleagues under the brand Multi Appros which are mainly located in the Great North Eastern France .

In terms of governance of these two entities, it is important to remember that it is the farm representatives who ensure the strategy.



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