Traceability is an important element of the supply chain to track the flow of goods and different recipients with the batch number.

"The SC TRACE project (France and USA) which includes SeVeal is born from the desire of the profession (phytosanitary sector and seeds) to establish a uniform system of traceability throughout the chain (supplier - distributor - farmer), to optimize the physical and information flows. this project is the first cross in this sector in Europe will be a model for future efforts in other European countries ".

SC Trace wants to set up a uniform tracking of logistics units and unit packages to end users (agriculture and vineyards), and access to product information in the field. This project is realized with the participation of Agro EDI Europe and the Working Group CRYSTAL ECPA (European Crop Protection Association), which represents manufacturers of plant protection products in Europe. The trade group also active with professional organizations representing the agricultural sector (French Union of Seed, Industrial Union for the Protection of Plants, Coop de France, Federation of Agricultural Trading) to bring together all the professionals around this approach.

"Operational excellence in the supply chain, quality stocks and the responsible management of our products by all players in the industry are the major issues in SC Trace" said Jean Christophe Pienne for the entire group and confirms: "At the end of 2015, our common goal is to deploy 80% of managed throughout the chain of references stream."

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