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B-MOTIVED : Biocontrôle

Last December, The Ministry for Agriculture, Agro-food and Forest launched a call to show interest for experimenting a collective programme for using bio control products in field crops. The announced objectives of this experiment were: ?
- to validate the technical protocols to implement bio control on a large scale ?- to identify the optimal mechanisms to support their diffusion ?
- to understand deeply what is hindering and driving the use of bio control products
?- to popularize the product interest and implementation methods ??At national level, this call was accessible to 4 purchasing bodies or fifteen cooperatives/trades with a large size and financial means are dedicated by the public authorities. ?

AGRIHUB with its respective poles, including SeVeal, answered to this call via INVIVO within the frame of the R&D agreement Agrihub/Invivo agro solutions. The application has been chosen and our project is called B-MOTIVED for "Bio control: MObilisation of the cooperaTIVes network for Experimentation and Diffusion". ??SeVeal with the cooperatives Vivescia and Acolyance will get the opportunity to enhance more than 10 years of test of VACCIPLANT (Goemar), several years of acquisition of knowledge in agronomy on CONTANS (Belchim) and the latest and future experimentation in anti-slug SLUXX (Certis). If these bio control products, in particular Vacciplant and Contans, are not developed in our area, it’s because technical results were missing. B-Motived can be the occasion to prove it "officially"! ?

Over the next few weeks, we should also tak part in a survey with consultants and sales-engineers to analyze objectively the motivations and braked to use and recommend bio control products. ??Beyond this call for Showing interest which only concerned bio control products already approved in field crops, the Agronomy Departments of AGRIHUB poles and cooperatives are in constant technological watch on the subject of bio control products and are testing several ones before a possible certification, often in association with conventional plant protection products but with reduced doses. 

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